• Christmas in July 2020

Christmas in July 2020 celebrated at the Stringybark Winery in Lower Chittering



Thank you Jean.

I have been a member of the Probus Club of Perth for some ten years and I don’t think I have seen more people at a meeting that are here today.

It reminds me of a story about Winston Churchill. Winston was attending an electoral meeting of his supporters. After his speech he was approached by one of his supporters. She said, “Mr Churchill you must be satisfied with the large number of supporters who are here tonight.” Mr Churchill looked at her and said, “Madam, any satisfaction I feel is tempered by the thought that if I were being hanged tonight the audience would most likely be twice as large.”

And now to the Stringybark Winery Restaurant Visit. Before we were allowed to board the coach at Lake Karrinyup Country Club we had to pass a body temperature check. Fortunately we all passed.

Early in our journey Jean handed out small gift-wrapped parcels to us all. We opened our gift to find one of my favourite snacks, two small Mars Bars.

We travelled via Reid Highway and the new NorthLink Project or Tonkin Highway Extension with a diversion to Bullsbrook for a short stop. Here, the coach driver, Jim Buckingham talked about the Northlink Project. Incidentally one of my uncles was named Ron Buckingham. I think Jim was also a relative of Ron Buckingham.

Jim told us that the total cost of the Northlink Project is about $1.02 billion. There are six flyovers and nine interchanges.

A flyover is where a bridge carries one road over another with no connection between the two roads.

An interchange is where two or more roads cross each-other at different levels with at least one of the roads free-flowing, that is, a freeway. Ramps are constructed to enable vehicles to get on and off the free-flowing road.

Rob Meadows, Lloyd Berrey and Pat Doody

Ned Overton and Albert Tognolini

Kevin Forward and Jean Brown

Peter Medd and Carolyn Cahill