• Swan River Cruise March 2021

Cruise on the Swan River  Perth to Fremantle on Friday 5 March 2021 followed by lunch at the Swan Yacht Club in Fremantle.

From left to right


Jim with Jean Brown





Patrick Doody, Peter Wesley, Wendy Dixon, Jill Smith, Penny McHugh, Jean Brown, Lesley Goudie and Elizabeth Dalzell



David Purnell, Diane Miskelly, Judy McDonnell, Laura Sweetman, Pam Pettit, Margaret Smithson, John Moore, Kaye Ross, Max Ross, Beryle Smith, Nanette Moore, Jill Watling, John Smithson




Richard Goldmith, Rob Meadows, Lesley Goudie, Beryle Hardey, Dorothy Crothers, Peter and Marain Medd, Norm Conway, Bev Long, Joy and Graham Woolhouse, Jenny and Ian Baird





Pamela Menzel at the ferry terminal




Jean Brown and Laura Sweetman





Bev Long and Norm Conway





Ann and Peter Wesley





John and Nanette Moore with Elizabeth Dalzell between




Margaret and John Smithson