• Murder Mystery Night November 2020

Murder Mystery Dinner Night held at Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough on November 28th 2020

On the 28th November, 39 Club members and guests enjoyed 3 hours of perfectly splendid entertainment by “Clue Dunnit” and the  Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre.

This was held at the Rendezvous  Hotel Scarborough with the diners’ dress being formal 1930’s to fit in with the vintage of the Murder.

The diners were prompted to ask lots of questions of the  5  “Clue Dunnit” actors in order to solve the murder.

Many of the audience’s questions were irrelevant, but the spontaneity of the actors responses were very credible.

Only the diners who asked the right questions were able to solve the murder, and happily one of the Probus tables solved it and collected a prize.

All accompanied by a good meal and good service.

Hope we can do it again soon.

Peter Medd



The following photos labelled from left to right:






Laura Sweetman, Bev Long and Pamela Menzel






Dorothy Crothers, Jean Brown and Pat Fosbery






Carolyn Cahill and Judy McDonnell






Beverley Cordier and Janet Saunders






Lesley Goudie and John Taylor






Margaret Smithson and Elizabeth Dalzell






Robert and Rachel Brayshaw






Schellie-Jayne Price and Adrian Goudie






John and Ann Taylor






Margaret and Rod Lane, Peter McHugh, Jenny and Paul Doherty






Margaret Lane, Marian Medd, the “Maid” and Rod Lane






Penny and Peter McHugh






Michael and Wendy Dixon








Jill and Rod Smith






Joan and Kevin Forward






Bruce and Wendy McCallum






The “crime writer/ presenter”,  Diane Miskelly, David Purnell and Patrick Doody






Diane Miskelly and David Purnell






Peter and Marian Medd

The actors