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Handy Links

This is a page for links to sites that some members may find useful. If you have a site that fits this criterion, please let us know and it could qualify to be added.

When you have opened the link, just add it to your browserFavourites” or “Bookmarks“.

Click on the link you want below.

Perth weather forecast

Perth rain radar

Petrol prices

Phone number directory White Pages 

Local Businesses  Yellow Pages


To make your web browser more accessible (e.g. to make text larger and/or clearer, sounds more audible, etc.):

  • In INTERNET EXPLORER:    On the Menu bar, go to Tools/Internet Options [bottom entry]/General [first tab]/Appearance [bottom entry]/Accessibility [button].
  • In FIREFOX: On the Menu bar, go to Tools/Options [second bottom entry]/Advanced [last object]/General [first tab]/Accessibility [top entry].
  • All browsers have many features to help make browsing more accessible; simply use help and enter “accessibility features”.