All Club activities postponed until further notice …

A Letter from our President

Due to the current difficulties in the community with the Corona Virus, we propose to postpone all Club activities until further notice. This has become necessary due to the closure of LKCC to large group gatherings and the advice from PSPL, which recommends cancellation of activities for susceptible people. Personal distancing would be difficult in terms of our small groups, and several members have already advised they will not be
attending any planned activities at this time.

The activities are:

The General meeting planned for April 14th;

The Walking group – meeting this Thursday March 19th at Tee Box Cafe, Claremont;
The Mahjong Club – meeting each Friday at Duncraig Library;
The Coffee group – meeting next Tuesday March 24th at North Beach Deli;
The Book club – meeting next Tuesday March 24th at the home of Judy J;
The Painting group – meeting each Monday at the home of Judy McD;


Day trip to Moore River – March 27th

All these meetings will be rescheduled when circumstances permit.


Rob Meadows
Probus Club of Perth


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