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Lex D. de Jong, Research Fellow, Curtin University writes:

As you probably know, every year one in three people aged 60 years and above fall over, resulting in falls being the leading cause of injury and death among older adults. Unfortunately, despite their high falls risk many older adults possess low levels of knowledge about falls prevention, and many believe that falls prevention is not personally relevant to them. Older adults also have low motivation to engage in falls prevention strategies.

 In order to address this problem, and to encourage older people in a compelling way to take action(s) to prevent falls before they occur, the falls prevention research team at Perth’s Curtin University has developed a series of three falls risk awareness video advertisements. These videos highlight the notion that falls are preventable, and present information about where to find information on healthy ageing activities that are also good for falls prevention. We want to evaluate older peoples’ response to these videos. To this end we are organising a free World Café Forum on Thursday the 12th of October 2017 in the Perth CBD. For this three hour forum we want to invite around 100 people over the age of 50.

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